72 hours in wanderlust

For a Beach Destination:

Essentials such as swim trunks and a good SPF sunscreen is always a must, but don't forget to carry something easy to wrap yourself up in such as a wrap dress for women, or a nice casual linen shirt for men. Carry light and breathable fabrics such as linen and cottons. Just because you're at the beach doesn't mean you can't be stylish! Experiment with different cuts and silhouettes or patterns, prints and colors for a fun and tropical vibe. Other must-haves are dark glasses and a hat, a comfy pair of slippers, speakers or headphones, a book  and a beach blanket to lounge around on. 

For a Mountain Destination: 

I would recommend some extra layers to adapt to changing temperatures. Full sleeve shirts and puffer jackets are always a must, to layer up or down depending on time of day. Sturdy footwear for trekking in the mountains is a must have. Carry essentials like water, snacks, sunscreen. Additionally a Rain Jacket to be prepared for unexpected rain showers and hat or sunglasses to Protect yourself from the sun exposure at higher altitudes. Also carry warm accessories like gloves, beanies and scarfs for colder temperatures. 

For Plains/Landlocked Destination: 

Comfortable Clothing is a must for all my vacations. Pack versatile and breathable clothes suitable for the weather. A wide array of round neck T shirts with shorts or pants are always a comfortable choice for any vacation, dresses and co ords are also a fun way to look stylish but at the same time be comfortable during walking tours and exploring new cities. Comfortable shoes for exploring destinations is a must but also always carry small bandages incase of blisters. Hats, sunscreen and Sunglasses are a must to shield yourself from the sun.