3+ Formal Pant Shirt Style Outfit Ideas For Men

Navigating the nuances of formal wear in men's fashion is crucial, especially when it comes to pairing formal pants and shirts. At Primal Gray, we've crafted a collection of customizable pants designed to simplify this process. With options for every preference, including slim and baggy fits in stretchable fabrics, we ensure your formal attire is not just about looking good but feeling comfortable too. This guide zeroes in on the art of matching, focusing on key shirt colors—blue, white, blue, and black—and their ideal trousers-shirt combinations. Whether you're a novice in the world of color contrasts or aiming to refine your style, we're here to help. Dive into our tips for a flawless men's formal combination and check out our FAQ section. for any outfit pairing questions you might have. Let's make looking dapper an effortless part of your routine.

Best Men's Formal Outfits: Shirt and Pant Combos

1. Black Pleated Shirt with Black Chino Joggers


Starting strong, the ebony elegance of a black pleated shirt paired with black chino joggers offers a modern twist to the classic black-on-black ensemble. This combo marries comfort with style, thanks to the joggers' stretchable fabric and the shirt's sleek design. It's a versatile look that works for both high-stakes meetings and formal evening events. To nail this outfit, keep accessories minimal; let the sophistication of black do the talking.

2.White Classic Shirt with Beige Baggy Trousers


For those aiming for a softer yet impactful appearance, nothing beats the timeless charm of a crisp white shirt matched with beige baggy trousers. This combination exudes warmth and sophistication, making it perfect for creative professionals and corporate executives alike. The key to achieving this look is ensuring the shirt is well-fitted to balance the relaxed fit of the trousers. Finish off with tan leather shoes for a cohesive look.

3. Extra Long Light Blue Shirt with Navy Slim Fit Chinos


The serene vibe of a light blue shirt effortlessly complements the depth of navy slim-fit chinos, creating an ensemble that's both eye-catching and understated. Ideal for semi-formal and casual business settings, this pairing brings out the best in both pieces. Opt for a shirt that's slightly longer for a contemporary feel and pair with dark brown or black shoes for a grounded finish.

4. Navy Blue Contrast Shacket with Grey Chino Joggers


Innovative and stylish, a navy blue contrast shacket (shirt-jacket) teamed with grey chino joggers is for the man who loves to blend casual with formal. This outfit stands out for its ease of movement and unique style quotient. The shacket adds a layer of interest and is perfect for transitional weather or indoor settings where you want to maintain a formal appearance without the weight of a blazer. Grey chino joggers keep the look grounded and versatile, suitable for various occasions.

When selecting your formal wear, remember, it's not just about the colors but how you wear them. Fit is paramount; always opt for clothes that complement your body type. Accessories like watches, belts, and shoes can elevate your outfit from good to great.


In wrapping up, the power of the right pant and shirt combo in formal settings is undeniable. Our showcase offers a peek into the myriad of ways you can elevate your professional look. Remember, confidence in what you wear greatly enhances your professional demeanor.

At Primal Gray, we're all about tailoring your formal combination for men to fit like a glove, mirroring your unique style through our customizable pants with free alterations. Dive into our collection and let your style shine through these timeless pieces. Your attire says a lot about you; make it a statement of success. After all, dressing well is the first step towards success.


1. Can I wear a patterned shirt with plain pants for formal events?

 Absolutely. A patterned shirt with plain pants can add a touch of personality to your formal pants and shirt look, provided the patterns are subtle and the colors complement each other.

2.  How do I choose the right shoe color for my formal combination for men?

 Match your shoes with the tone of your pants for a harmonious look. Black pants pair well with black shoes, while brown or navy pants go well with brown shoes. Grey pants offer flexibility, looking good with both black and brown shoes.

3. Are cufflinks necessary for a man's formal combination outfit?

 Cufflinks are not mandatory but can be a stylish addition to elevate your formal wear, especially with French cuff shirts.

4. Can I mix casual and formal elements in my outfit?

 Yes, for a business casual look, you can mix elements like pairing a formal shirt with chino pants. Keep the overall look cohesive and appropriate for the setting.

5. What's the rule on belt and shoe color coordination?

 Your belt and shoes should ideally match in color for a polished and put-together appearance. This coordination is key in formal combination for men.