Our Accosiation with The Blind school association (CSR)

 Extending the life of your clothes is crucial when it comes to lowering your environmental footprint. Primal Gray from its very inception has always focused on creating garments that have a lower carbon footprint along with high quality standards using seasonless but detailed designs that make sure that our consumers can wear them through the season, and thus saving tonnes of garments clogging up our landfills each year.

 Our packaging is stitched and stamped by the extremely talented team at blindreliefassociation.delhi. A key element of our ethically transparent approach deals with the ethical treatment of workers that produces your clothes. Labourers who grow and help manufacture fast fashion clothing are often overworked and underpaid, many of them minors who are forced to work in dangerous conditions. Along with textile certifications, we look at certified Fair Trade suppliers that help provide farmers with better prices, access to advance credit, safeguards f rom dips in market price, and premiums over the selling price to invest in business or community projects of their choice. Fair Trade certification also ensures workers have decent working conditions and bans discrimination, forced labour and child labour.

Eco friendly packaging : what is it all about?

All Primal Gray pieces are packed in durable and reusable organic cotton muslin pouches made by blind individuals trained in stitching, at the Blind Relief Association (@blindreliefassociation.delhi) in New Delhi.