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Our Value

Values and Philospohy


Driven by a desire to create contemporary luxury garments for the conscious consumer, Primal Gray is a modern high-fashion brand conceptualised in New Delhi, India. Offering a blend of relaxed and formal ready-to-wear styles in a range of clean silhouettes, we provide fashion that endures. Seasonless and trendless, Primal Gray pieces are thoughtfully designed to adapt along with you and your style, integrating seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe.

At Primal Gray, we are detail-focused, placing particular emphasis on simple, high-quality tailoring and ethically responsible production practices. We carefully handpick each of our premium fabrics in order to minimise resource intensity, carbon footprint, and harmful potential to human and environmental health and wellbeing. Certified by globally recognized sustainable textile and harmful substance reduction standards wherever possible, Primal Gray fabrics are also dyed using transparent low-carbon processes that minimise toxic chemical discharges.

Our in-house manufacturing happens locally in New Delhi, maintaining ethically responsible and compliant working conditions and wages. Our packaging is selected mindfully to minimise polluting plastic waste, and delivery and fulfilment is conducted efficiently through better vendors to optimise the speed and cost of delivery and return, reducing our overall carbon footprint.

At Primal Gray, our community of #PrimalPeople are at the heart of what we do, enabling us to innovate and make bold choices that align with our core values. By implementing better materials, standards, and processes, we hope to bring you one step closer to comfortable, fashion-forward and climate-positive clothing without compromising on quality, style or customer experience.

Our Mission

Value-driven and design-led, Primal Gray brings you ethically transparent high fashion for the everyday. Employing clean but contemporary silhouettes and paying close attention to every detail, Primal Gray garments are mindfully crafted to last. Centering quality, transparency, innovation, and better practices through our supply chain, we hope to leverage the simple daily act of dressing into something bigger - more expressive, more transformative, more self-aware. We approach fashion by looking for solutions first - to guarantee certain protections to the environment and fair wages to our workers, and to arm our customers with the information they need to make bold, informed decisions.

With each conscious design, fabric, packaging, and delivery choice, Primal Gray pushes for circularity to be the new norm for high fashion in India. #PrimalPeople are here to change the world, and look good doing it.


Guiding every decision we make, our core values form the foundation of Primal Gray. We believe these values only make us stronger and we are proudly committed to upholding them.

Craftsmanship: When it comes to our clothes, we believe quality is paramount. Made to last, our pieces are carefully crafted using premium fabrics and paying close attention to every last detail. Each Primal Gray product is design-led, incorporating a range of hybrid techniques that showcase our signature relaxed tailoring.

Culture: Who we are and what we do, matters. We believe that it is bold, aspirational choices that shape our world and we want to enable them. Constantly learning, adapting, and improving, we are committed to fostering a culture that celebrates creativity, collaboration, passion and the open exchange of ideas. We aim to inspire you to take on the everyday and transform it into the extraordinary.

Community: At Primal Gray, we believe in the power of a strong community. Harnessing the immense potential of the collective, we strive to build a global tribe of like-minded #PrimalPeople. Brought together by common values and beliefs, we believe each of us has something unique to offer one another, and the world only gets bigger with more genuine connection and shared experiences.

Care:As a mission-driven clothing brand, Primal Gray is committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it. We believe in consistently setting and upholding a high standard of openness, honesty and integrity in order to maintain our community’s respect and trust. Implementing an ethically transparent approach, we prioritise circular design and production practices, responsible sourcing and labour and low-impact dyeing and packaging solutions to actively lower our environmental impact. Primal Gray is proud to support local social initiatives that uplift and empower marginalised community members through meaningful work.